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    If you could take a few days to focus on one piece of your business, what would that be?

    Owning or managing a retail bakery takes nearly every waking moment of the day. The opportunity to reflect on new products, suppliers, formulas, cost-saving techniques and marketing ideas just never seem to come around. We’re here to help.

    Join us for three full days of seminars, demonstrations, new products and suppliers and the chance to discuss those crazy ideas with other artisan bakers just like yourself.

    You’ll find more than
    30 complimentary educational sessions featuring the newest products and business ideas presented by some of the best artisan baking consultants and bakery owners in the world. Ingredient, equipment and service suppliers will be on hand to help you with every aspect of your artisan baking business.

    Ever thought of expanding into pizza? You’ll be more than welcome at
    International Pizza Expo to visit its more than 550 exhibitors and their 80 additional seminars ranging from small business management to the latest styles of pizza. Pizza Expo is being staged at the exact same time! Two shows for the price of one!

    Want to see for yourself?
    Visit our website to learn more about the only annual show curated to the artisan baker.

    Or, better yet, register to attend the show by saving $40 with the promo code RBABAKER. Click here to register with this discount.

    Join the Community!