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    Our Winner Is

    Brandon Ting!


     Meet the Judges


    Collin Street Bakery Partner and Board Director, serves as VP of Customer Service for the company. 

    The Great Fruitcake Bake Off
    Presented by the Retail Bakers of America and Collin Street Bakery. 

    2020 has been a little nuts. Everyone is just a bit spicy and could use some extra spirits. Time to have some fun with fruitcake! And even though the deadline is tight, the reward is AMAZING. $500 cash prize the for the baker who can prove they have the BEST fruitcake thanks to our sponsors at the Collin Street Bakery.

    Meet the Sponsor...Collin Street Bakery. 

    Collin Street Bakery has been baking the world-famous DeLuxe? Fruitcake since 1896. That's over 125 years of confectionary excellence!

    Named for its supreme quality taste and texture, our DeLuxe?is crafted from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. Finished with a hand-decorated crown of pecans and large chunks of beautifully glacéed fruit, our fruitcake has reached international acclaim. In fact, it’s been featured on Netflix, the Food Network, the Travel Channel, History Channel, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, People Magazine, The Washington Post, and many more! We assure you, we didn't name it 'the DeLuxe' for just any reason.

    Shipped to 196 countries and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise you'll love our DeLuxe? just as much as we do. And with over a century's experience in baking and delivering fruitcake under our hats, we promise your order is in the best of hands. So, whether you're ordering one cake or one hundred cakes, we've got you covered.

    You see, our business isn't just about baking cakes. Our business is about making smiles. Order from Collin Street Bakery today and let us make you smile."

    Collin Street Bakery has supermarket, distributor, and retail partners from coast to coast. For wholesale inquiries for 2021 please email davelee@collinstreet.com.


    Certified Master Baker in Pennsylvania where she is the R&D manager for Bakery and Ready to Eat foods at Sheetz, Inc. 


    Good Ole Saint Nick has been a connoisseur of fruitcake for centuries.