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    Upcoming Exams

    Summer 2021
    The Everglades Club
    Palm Beach, Florida
    July 23-25, 2021
    Practical Test – CB & CMB

    An RBA certification raises professional standards and verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities professional bakers bring to the marketplace.  Certification also increases job opportunities and income for certified bakers and decorators.   

    Can’t find what you are looking for? 

    Email is at Certification@RetailBakersofAmerica.org!

    Fall 2021

    Kendall College
    Chicago, IL
    October 15-17, 2021
    Practical Test – CB & CMB

    ?Q&A - Certification Application

    Q: How do I apply for certification?

    A: The first step to becoming certified with the RBA is filling out and completing the application form. Once you have carefully completed the application, email the application to certification@retailbakersofamerica.org, or mail the application to The Retail Bakers of America. 15941 Harlem Ave. #347, Tinley Park, IL 60477

    Q: Who may apply for certification?

    A: Working bakers with various levels of experience may be eligible to certify. The RBA offers three levels of certification; Certified Journey Baker (entry-level, minimum 1-year experience), Certified Baker (minimum 4 years of experience), and Certified Master Baker (must have a CB certification, plus an additional 4 years of experience, or over 10 years of experience working in a commercial/retail bakery). RBA also offers a Certified Decorator designation, which requires a minimum of four years of experience working in a commercial/ retail bakery.

    Q: Does RBA offer certification discounts to RBA members? 

    A: Yes. RBA members do receive certification discounts. With your RBA membership discounts on conference registration fees and publications may also be available. RBA strives to provide cost saving programs such as business insurance, payroll processing, energy saving, email marketing and more.  See, “Affordability of Certification”

    Q: How do I apply for membership?

    A: Visit our Membership page on the RBA website for more information on becoming an RBA member, or email Membership@RetailBakersofAmerica.org

    Q: What is the affordability of certification?



    Q: What are the benefits of certification?

    A: Certification objectively establishes a peer-evaluated level of knowledge about professional baking. When a baker chooses to certify, she or he chooses to enhance their influence, credibility, and effectiveness in an organization. Certification with RBA gives bakers a competitive advantage, increases earning potential, updates knowledge and skills and helps build professional credibility.

    Q&A - Certification Exams

    Q: How long do I have to take my exam once my application has been accepted?

    A: Candidates have two years to complete their exam once their application has been accepted.

    Q: How do I access my online exam?

    A: Once an application has been accepted, candidates receive a separate email from ExamBuilder.com. RBA provides candidates with an assigned username and password.

    Q: Do online exams expire?

    A: Online exams are available to candidates for two years upon the acceptance of the application. Online exams are timed, and candidates only have one opportunity to click on the exam link. Once a candidate begins his or her exam, that exam must be completed within the allotted amount of time for the level of certification.

    Q: How should I prepare for my written exam?

    A: Certified Baker and Certified Master Baker candidates are provided with an RBA Certification Study Guide. All levels of candidates are also provided with a recommended reading list that will adequately prepare them for the RBA online exams.

    Q: What is the format the written exam?

    A: The online exam contains multiple choice questions covering general baking knowledge. Test questions will be chosen from knowledge domains approved by the Certification Board, including ingredients, terms, math, tools, equipment, systems, doughs, merchandising, labeling, nutrition, personnel and management.

    Q: What is a passing score for the exam?

    A: 75% is a passing score for both written and practical exams

    Q: Where do I take my practical exam?

    A: Practical exams are offered several times a year at various locations throughout the country. For a current exam schedule, please visit our website.

    Q: How do I re-test if I did not pass the practical exam?

    A: A candidate who fails one or two product segments may re-test on those products only. There is a fee for each that needs to be re-tested. A candidate who fails to pass the product segment a second time must re-take the entire CMB practical exam. A candidate who fails three or more product segments must re-take the entire performance test during a scheduled CMB test date.

    RBA Guide to Certification.